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Thread: ESB-4SC Fretless - Friday Night Special

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    ESB-4SC Fretless - Friday Night Special

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    Folks, we got this kit in as a custom order for someone, buy it wasn't exactly as he ordered.

    They got most of it right; the hollow body with maple veneer, no bridge holes (but it does have bridge support in the right place), fretless maple/rosewood neck in 34" scale. However, the customer specifically asked for no inlays or side dots... and they put in both!

    So, I've refunded his deposit and now it's up for grabs! I haven't called it a "second" 'cause there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    It's available for $250 (full guarantee, FREE postage, etc).



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    It's a shame I wasn't around here in 2014 because I probably could have made use of this. Maybe. hrmmmm.

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    Good fretless project for someone and price is super keen too.
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    Oo... very tempting... I might have to sell one of the kids...
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