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Thread: 3/4 Axe's

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    3/4 Axe's

    Browsing the PBG web site reveals (by my count) only one 3/4 size Strat kit.

    Ideal size for younger kids to learn how to play...

    Any thoughts out there for other simple 3/4 size kids models such as a LP or SG versions? Or is there no demand?
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    I don't think it's that likely we'll be seeing any more G***** based models.

    Also, you can often buy a completed 3/4 instrument for the same price (and often less) than a kit. A quick web search of what's available here in the UK shows a completed version of the PBG 3/4 'strat' kit for 2 less than the current PBG kit price to me (and it's also now in a sale with 40% off). There's a mini Tele available for the same price. I'm ignoring any extra taxes and shipping costs that I'd have to pay. But I can also see 3/4 sized electric guitars in Australia from Aus$99.

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